Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo Booth Accident

I know that most of the time photo booths are a very light hearted topic, but not always. You count your blessing that you weren't in this photo booth at the time when an unexpected explosion occured somewhere in the lense of the Nikon D3100 camera that was taking the pictures. Things got hot quick and at least 78 people were injured and 43 (and counting) were killed. This picture portrays the aftermath of the blast pretty well, a man who witnessed the scene said, "I've seen explosions before, but nothing like this. I just hope they find everyone who is still missing and sue the person responsible for this." The PR representatives at Nikon said early this morning, "We're very grieved about this and our prayers go out the families of those affected in the blast. We're trying very hard to figure out what caused this burst of energy in the camera."

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