Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Photo Booth - Who Wants To Be a Hipster?

Sometimes i just tired of being so mainstream. I mean, i feel like i just don't fit in with all these normal people, you know? Like they all listen to so much pop music and... stuff. I'm more into stuff that you've probably never heard of like Mumford & Sons and M83. So when i host a party i don't wanna do just normal stuff, i wanna have like a hipster party with like a photo booth and like... mustaches and stuff, you know? So this is a picture of me at one of my parties. Don't mind the sweaters me and my friends just like to wear a lot of stuff that like a lot of stores don't really sell, we just shop at thrift stores or sometimes just Urban Outfitters, but i still say i got it at a thrift store. So... i'm just different than you. Check it. (I'm drinking a blue ribbon. You probs wouldn't like it.)

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